South India

The land of Greens and Perfect for Touring in Enfield

An aura of nature, greens spread over Earth and the land kissed by mother nature, South India is a perfect epitome of beauty and adventure. Whether you are in a mood for a cozy vacation or an adventurous tour, South India has a lot to offer your platter. The beatific outskirts of Ooty and Bangalore or the scenic panorama of beaches and lush rice fields of Chennai, there is a lot offered to please your senses and etch them in your heart.

Why is South India a must location for Bikers?

Biking is all about adventure, fun and a lot of enjoyment. Vrooming on your wheels, geared with all essentials, the states of south India has a lot in store for fuel heads. The top locations to get set vroom include the Bangalore-Mysore-Ooty road, Chennai to Pondicherry and Vishakapatnam to Araku Valley.

Chennai Ride on Bike

If you are looking for a better getaway this weekend and want to view the spectacular state of Chennai, then the East Coast ride on your Enfield is the best. The tour offers enticing views of green rice fields, myriad of beaches and villages for fishing. Some of the exotic regions to view are backwaters of Chunnambar, Kalpakkam township, serenity beach and much more.

Araku Valley – Kerala

With the enthralling scenery of nature, ride through this biodiversity-rich region of Kerala. Gear your riding gloves and zigzag through the routes of coffee plantations, Borra Caves and many green lushes.

Bangalore to Ooty

The land of history, prominent palaces, zoos, and marvelous history, the biking tour from Bangalore to Ooty stretches in an enticing ride of pleasant memories.

What is the best time to ride South India?

If you are a fuel head, get set on the ride to South India throughout the year. However, if you want to witness the beatific greens, enjoy your ride from August to October.