• How do I book a Tour?

    The tours can be booked online, by email, or over the phone on: +91 9646652350 .

  • Where do I get a visa?

    To visit India you will, of course, need a passport containing a valid tourist visa. Your passport must have at least six months of validity remaining at time of application. Visas are obtained from the VFS Global (the official agent of the Indian High Commission) offices in either London, Hayes, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, or Edinburgh. All current information on Indian visa applications is available on the web at: http://in.vfsglobal.co.uk/. It is possible to apply over-the-counter, or by post. We would recommend the latter and suggest you apply in plenty of time. A tourist visa is usually valid for six months from date of issue. Visas for entry to Nepal are available at the border crossing at a cost of $30 (free in 2011 for 'Year of Tourism').

  • Do I need a motorcycle rider's license to participate in your tour?

    Yes, a valid motorcycle driver license and international riding permit are mandatory for riders to take part in our tours; however, they are not required for the co-rider on the pillion or passengers travelling in support vehicles. Also, make sure you obtain the International Driving Permit (IDP) from your country of citizenship since it is not issued to foreigners in India.

  • Where should I change money?

    We would advise that you have some idea of the Rupee exchange rate before you leave, to avoid getting ripped-off at airports. Sites like this should help. In many major towns, there are cash-points that will accept major credit and debit cards. Arrivals in Cochin for the Kerala Tour will be able to change money in town if the airport rate is not competitive. Goa Airport is rapidly getting a reputation as a den of rip-off merchants and we would advise you not to change money there at present. Money can easily be changed at banks, agencies and be withdrawn from cash-points close to your hotel before we set off. Further advice to this will be given in the tour briefing. Generally if arriving at Delhi, for Himalayan and Rajasthani tours, airport rates should be reasonable. Money can be easily changed in Manali and Leh on the Himalayan tours.

  • Will we have electricity?

    It can't be guaranteed. In some places there's no power; in all power cuts are possible. Thus, if it's vital you need electrical power every night, please speak to us before booking. Don't forget a travel adaptor if you need to recharge your electricals.

  • How much riding experience do I need?

    We would recommend only booking a tour with us if you have a full licence (compulsory) and have at least two years' recent riding experience. The main criterion, however, is confidence. If you're happy to zip through a London rush hour, then you'll be capable of dealing with road life in India.

  • What bike do I get to ride during the tour?

    You will be riding a Royal Enfield bike, classic 500cc, RE Standard 500cc, Machismo, Thunder Birds 350cc, Classic 350cc depending on the itinerary chosen.  We prefer these bikes as they are the simplest and most reliable machines in this part of the world. Our bikes are well-maintained and our mechanics ensure that the bikes run as good as new.

  • Can my friends or family members (non-riders) join me on the tour?

    Yes. Friends and/or family members can also be accommodated in the passenger vehicle at a reasonable cost, per head. However, due to the unavailability of accommodation during high season, we urge you to book them on the tour at the time of your booking.

  • How fast will we be riding?

    Due to road conditions and other traffic, vehicles tend to move a lot slower in India than they do in the West. We will do likewise. There are also constraints on speed enforced by the bikes. These are not high-revving sports bikes and so we will lead the tour at a maximum speed of around 70kph.

  • Can I use the bike in the evenings?

    No, you can't ride independently of the tour group, sorry.

  • Can I take a pillion?

    Yes, but please be sure they know what they're letting themselves in for: some long days in the saddle, bumpy roads and, in the mountains, some pretty shocking drop-offs. We have limited space in our support vehicles, so pillions may not be able to hop off on a whim. Likewise, if riders have any doubt over handling the extra weight, then we'd advise they ride solo. It is possible to book a place in a support vehicle for those who want to join the tour, but not to ride or travel as a pillion passenger.

  • Will I receive all details and maps before start of the tour?

    Yes. You will receive copies of all the necessary details (Route, Itinerary, Expected Weather conditions, essential stuff to carry) before the start of your tour. Besides, post dinner every night, during the tour, our Ride Captains will inform you about the next day's route, expected terrain, riding conditions, re-group points, attractions enroute, places suitable for photography, where to lunch, snack or take a break etc.

  • How much luggage can I bring?

    We would advise against carrying anything more than a duffel and/or backpack, per person. If you are on a long vacation that extends well beyond your motorcycle tour with us, you are welcome to use our facility for keeping any excess luggage.

  • Who will be my tour guide?

    An experienced Ride Leader from Enfield Point will be part of each tour, leading from the front on his own motorcycle. Our ride guides are well versed in English, besides being familiar with the local language, culture, routes and conditions. Besides, Enfield Point Tours ride guides are certified in Emergency First-Aid. How much luggage can I bring?
    We would advise against carrying anything more than a duffel and/or backpack, per person. If you are on a long vacation that extends well beyond your motorcycle tour with us, you are welcome to use our facility for keeping any excess luggage.

  • Do I need a towel?

    If you're wet, yes. One small travel towel for Goa, Nepal and the Himalayas only. Although most of our hotels provide towels, there may be the occasional night you need your own.

  • Are laundry facilities available on-tour?

    You will be able to get clothes cleaned at two-night stops, so consider this when packing.

  • Do I require a pollution mask?

    Not specifically. Pollution is not a problem except in the major cities, but some roads are dusty so a facemask, snood, or scarf can be useful.

  • Do I need waterproofs?

    Yes. If your riding kit isn't waterproof, then bring some light waterproofs.

  • Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

    For the Nepal tour, yes. You don't need one on the others, but for the Himalayan and Goa Tours a light, compact bag will add to your comfort.

  • What medication should I bring & what inoculations are required?

    Consult your GP/travel clinic for immunisation and malaria advice. Bring enough of any prescribed medication you take regularly. A basic first aid kit is useful (plasters, antiseptic cream, bite/sting relief, plus insect repellent). Any serious medical problems will be dealt with by the tour medic.

  • Should I bring a seat pad?

    Gel or air pads add comfort on long days in the saddle, but are not necessary.

  • Should I bring a water carrier?

    As air-fares are so high these days, better to hire one locally, or carry your own water. Packaged drinking water is readily available throughout our routes, which you may wish to transfer into a CamelBak, or similar device.

  • Will I need vaccination?

    Yes. We advise you to immunize yourself against harmful diseases such as Hepatitis, Typhoid, Malaria and Tetanus. You should consult your doctor as well and there's a list of recommended vaccinations for travel to countries like India available on the Essential Info section on this web site.

  • I cannot find answers to some of my questions. What shall I do?

    We will be glad to answer any and all questions for you. The fastest way to reach us is by email: kamal@enfieldpoint.com. You could also reach us over the phone or facsimile: For details, please visit the Contact Us page section on every page of our website.