Experience an Exotic Ride in the Happiest Country

This unique blend of the Himalayas and the lush green of nature, Bhutan is the ultimate location for adventure. Known as the land which ranks high in Gross National Happiness, Bhutan offers a beatific view of the mountains, orchards, villages and the wonderful cultures. The country sandwiched between India and China lies in the elevations of 180 to 7,500 meters. The land of kingdoms, the country is filled with a great roadway that is permitted only until it doesn’t encroach the kingdom’s culture or society.

Why is Bhutan the best choice for Motorcycle Ride?

The country of Bhutan occupies only 47,000 sq km in Asia, makes for a perfect place for adventure and bike ride. If you are a bike owner and want to explore the country, then fuel yourself and get set into the zig-zag roads. On the way, the riders will witness a myriad of places and can get themselves soaked in the extravaganza of peace and happiness. The deep, broad valleys, tiny villages, and bustling markets are a sight to watch for. Bhutan offers to riders the view of snow-clad mountains towards the North and jungles in the South. It is thus an exotic and magnificent place in all senses.

Curving roads makes a marvelous ride

The tour to Bhutan will start all the way from Delhi towards Paro to Thimphu in Bhutan and many other places inside the country. There are more curvaceous roads than straight ones, hence the riders will get a spectacular experience to maneuver through the mountains, empty roads, and beautiful landscapes. So, kick start your bike and vroom through the exotic stretch of Bhutan.

What is the best time to go on a ride?

The best time to go on a motorcycle tour ride in Bhutan is throughout the year as the country has a varying climate structure ranging from North to South.